Nanan Fujian Moxi Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the manufacture of high quality sanitary ware and accessory products. The company has a number of brands such as Moxi. To improve the people's sanitary quality of life "for the mission, is committed to create a clean and comfortable high-quality sanitary life, to provide customers with exquisite design, superior performance of high quality bathroom products.
Moxi sanitary ware is constantly pursuing the concept of environmental protection and saving water, and the road of technological innovation is endless. After 10 years of accumulation, Moxis bathroom independent research and development of advanced environmental protection water-saving technology system, has 10 a number of core technologies, dozens of product design patent, Moxis covered all bathroom products category, to enhance the product performance, to scientific and technological innovation to bring the ultra first-class product quality. Moxis also has a set of scientific and perfect management system, covering from every link of product design, raw materials procurement, production process and after-sales service, to ensure that the Moxis sanitary products of high quality.
We have a unique vision, advanced awareness, the implementation of brand strategy, open the road with a characteristic brand, the product best-selling domestic and medium-sized cities. The new century, we will be "casting high quality sanitary ware, service families" for the idea, to create a more comfortable bathroom space for human life.